Who am I ?

That’s the kind of questions you’re asking yourself all your life.
And for good reason ! Can we really come up with an answer to this question ?

And yet, I’m not here to pour myself out on that -more than philosophical- matter, but to introduce myself as shortly as possible. It’s always pleasant to know who’s behind the virtual nib we’re reading…!

Charlotte, 25 years old … wow, hold on. The writing of my age has always the same effect on me. When I started to create this space, I wrote 22 years old in my bibliography. Shock. Anyways, let’s continue. Charlotte, 25, French blood, Canadian heart. Huge stardust in soul, I always imagine myself searching the world for my true self. Baccalaureate in hands, I madly fell in love with the English language that I studied for four years at Montpellier University to get my bachelor’s degree, after what I lost two years of my life to get another degree in French as a Foreign Language. That second year, I studied through online education from London, Ontario, where I spent eight months as a tourist. And that’s when I madly fell in love with Canada, which made me decide to come back after a year of saving in France, with a Working Holiday Visa. And this is where I’ll drag you through over this blog.

During my time in Canada, from August 2012, I shared my moods and findings on this blog, month after month. Some of you might have followed me. I have now decided to go back over my writings, from my departure to today, according to my travel diaries and own memories. Perhaps it will appear redundant to some of you, but I wanted to write it properly, with details, so you would travel as much as possible.

Enjoy !

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