My sleep is light for several reasons.

For three weeks now, my days have been a frantic and exhausting pace. My precious document handed to the authorities, I now spend most of my evenings in the kitchen of a restaurant, scouring the dirty dishes. And if I’m not in the kitchen, it’s in one of the bars of the city you’ll find me, trying to maintain my much more than active social life. Many new faces came radiate my little monotonous existence …

But if this night was short and choppy, it’s nor because of my hectic professional life or of my personal life upside down, but rather the result of another new year’s eve.

In less than 24 hours, the twelve strokes of midnight will sound. It will announce the beginning of a new year, but also the first day of my 24 years existence. And it scares me so much, those years crumbling without giving us time. I still remember celebrating my 23rd birthday at home with them, with him. That day seems so fresh in my memory it’s difficult to realize that 365 days came upon to crash it. And yet …

The wet kiss on my lips, the look of love on my smile, the hesitant hands on my face … new days trying to erase your image. And this young man is trying somehow to make me forget the gaping wound that is still in my heart, despite the soaring year.

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