Interview #1

There we go, I managed to spend three months in the Yukon! Woop woop! For the occasion, with a touch of humor, a short self-interview.

It is said that to spend three months in a country like the Yukon shows an unquestionable belonging to the place. What are your feelings for being that far ?

Well, I’m very happy to have survived those first months here. We are now going through the very critical phase of winter, which I intend to survive as well. For it is said that if a person can spend a winter in the Yukon, she becomes a true Yukonnais.

Tell us about the winter in the Yukon.

Oh you know, nothing alarming. Temperatures reaching negative impressive peaks and very short days. Besides from that, life goes on …

Cold doesn’t make you shiver though?

Well, as unbelievable as it may seem to some of you, not at all. We already got to minus 30 ° C which feels like minus 45 ° C with the wind. My nose hairs and my eyelashes freeze when I step outside for a little while. I also feel a sense of compression in the lungs. And I’ve never had so many white hairs since the negative temperatures showed up. But appropriately dressed up, cold can be fought. Here, the air is dry, so cold is less difficult than in other regions. Minus 30°C here is nothing like minus 30°C in France or in Quebec, for example. Anyway, I personally think it is easier to work it out with cold than heatwave! Just pretent to be an onion.

It is said that the suicide rate is higher during periods of short days. What do you think ?

Dark can it be responsible for a higher suicide rate? Yes, I think so. When days are short, behavior and mood of people vary. We tend to be more easily prone to depression because of darkness. Everything is not daunted by dark and do not get knocked by it. Life must go on, even in the dark! Currently, sun goes down at 5:30pm and rise up around 9:00am, the shortest day (the one where the polar night occurs further north) is found to be december 21st, day during which the sun only rises for a few hours. It’s exciting!

Finally, do you have any tips for surviving to the winter ?

Survive? What a funny idea! Well, in french, I would say “sortez couvert” but it doesn’t fit in english…
So I would say: cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, ice hockey, luge, magic carpet, quinzee, igloo, ice sculpture, dog sledding, snowboarding, hot springs (…) all activities that make winter so much fun despite the cold and the dark! Add to that a final touch of friendship, evenings around a campfire, aurora borealis, and good laughs and voilà.

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