Under my feet, the thud of snow crashing. I tread upon this white powder snow until I’m out of breath, with a smile of melancholy. Riverdale’s trails hold no secrets for me anymore, they are mine. It even got me to go in a more delicate way, skis on.

Today the sun is giving itself to me, which brings me to escape. Music in my ears, I lay down on this imposing and inviting pack of snow. Eyes wide open on a deep blue sky, reflections of the sun dancing in front of me, the refreshing cold taking me away from here.

On this day, at this very hour, I imagined a huge noise that wakes up the dead. A big incessant boom calling us all back to order. Something spectacular, something scary. But instead of that, there was only the silence of fragile snowflakes landing on my eyelids, weighted with my own self fading from memory. And the silence of my thoughts, way too loud. Somehow, I didn’t care. All I wanted was to forget. Forget him. But basically, how could I forget while stretches of white he loves so much are just in front of me?

The cold makes my breath panting.
Soon, my tears will freeze. And hopefully, they will break…

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