This weekend, Whitehorse hosted the BreakOut West Festival: over 50 of Western Canada’s finest performers will make their way to the Yukon at 10 venues in downtown Whitehorse. $20 for the weekend pass. LOVED IT! Discovered really talented bands such as, among my favorites: Jaylene Johnson, Jim Byrnes, Steve Dawson (huge favorite), Sarah McDougall, Sasquatch Prom Date (described as a mixture of Elvis, Chuck Berry and The Cramps) or Jeffery Straker.

On saturday evening, we were happily biking towards downtown, ready to take it right in the ears. An hour before the show, we are at the Tippler’s, our favorite haunt, where Steve Dawson were about to play. I was overexcited in advance because I did listen to his music on the internet and just loved it. Unfortunately, my excitement took a blow as soon as my little toes got inside : I forgot my ID at home. It’s unsual for me to be asked for my ID, especially in this place. Frustrated and angry, we biked back home. It’s always so frustrating to look like a 17 old girl when you’re already over 22… I keep telling myself that one day I’d be grateful. One day, but not today. An hour later, the line was way longer than it was before. I could not be more mad to look so young. We try our luck elsewhere, in the Old Firehall, where we discovered Jaylene Johnson. Gradually, the music makes me smile. Then, we went back to Tippler’s, where we will finally enter after thirty minutes in the line and muffled excuses from the bouncer after he checked my ID. Oh well…

The next evening, no way I don’t get to see Steve Dawson’s show. After checking more than ten times that I had my ID with me, we’re happily biking again, this time towards the Rock Pub. My intuition was more than good, Steve and his band are awesome! Then, it was the turn of Sarah McDougall, who has a tone of voice really surprising, before we biked towards the Tippler’s where I proudly waved my ID. Jeffery Straker, with his haunting melodies, closed our time to the festival.

Above all, it’s the musical richness of Whitehorse that gets me excited.

However, sometimes.
Sometimes the urge is stronger than the reason. And sometimes I just do not see myself locking up those filaments of hope that swirl around me. With them, I feel stronger. Undeniable contradiction when we know the harm they are causing me. But with them, I feel alive. They grind me from all sides, invite me into void, and peck my eyes. Suffering isn’t it what makes us the most majestic? Like a phoenix, I’ll rise up from my ashes with or without you. And I know you will not be there.

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