Interlude #4

It’s been a few days now that I’m a volunteer in a shelter for animals so I thought I should mention it to you: MAE BACHUR ANIMAL SHELTER. Located in -what I call- the « industrial » zone of the city, the surrounding area offers a lot of opportunity for walking. So my everyday life now includes a nice walk with these animals.

Their slogan: “Protecting those who can’t protect themselves.”

Mae bachur Animal Shelter has a policy that I really appreciate, which is a ‘no kill’ policy for adoptable pets, no matter how long they would have to stay in the refuge. There are -unfortunately- some animals who are at the shelter for almost a year now, and they continue to receive the care and love of the employees or volunteers of the shelter.

The shelter has 18 cages for dogs and two open cat rooms.
When arriving at the shelter, every animal receives veterinary care (sanitation among all), food, and lots of love until a permanent home can be found.
Because they don’t have enough space for everyone, they have a foster home network that provides care for the over-flow of animals. They are always in need of foster homes so if you have enough room and love to take home one of these animals, I strongly advise you to do so. Or if you only have a bit of time to come visit them, do not hesitate to volunteer to walk them!

I saw lots of different faces since I’m coming everyday at the shelter. Some animals come in and out, for a day or two. Others stay longer to keep me company. But every single one brings me enough love I could sell some.
Because my writings are from previous years, it’s obvious that the animals I walked at that time were all adopted -at least I hope so. But there are still a good number of newcomers to adopt or take under your wing for a while.

This post is for them. For Allegra, Lyric, Taz, Mallieka, Ari, Baby, Biff, Caleigh, Ron, Lucky, Jaeger, Dodger … and all the other ones I don’t recall names. For all these animals who were able to give me so much love in return that I tried to offer them. And for all the others I do not know, around the world, and who need us. Be a volunteer, adopt them, give them all the love and affection they deserve. TAKE ACTION!

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