Kluane Lake, Kathleen Lake, St Elias Lake.

All three located in Kluane National Park, about two hours drive from Whitehorse. “Kluane” means “lake full of fish” in Tutchone language, the Aboriginal community in the Yukon. This park is protected and part of the World Heritage of UNESCO. Might as well say it’s not insignificant.

Marin, PVTiste passing through Whitehorse, offered me to go on a weekend in this famous national park. Without a second thought, I jumped at the chance to visit more of this area which already won my heart. Especially since I’ve heard talk about this park and its reputation was already well done before I even tread upon its soil. Sustaining my momentum, I invited my friend Lucie -my current roommate- to join us. So here we are, the three of us, on the Yukon’s roads, the sun on our heels.

The road in front of us is of a spectacular beauty, as usual. Our first hike, at Kluane Lake, was somewhat disappointing because we misled ourselves on the way to go ; so the hike was very short but the view on the lake was still very nice. Without further ado, we decided to push our way a little farther and to turn back to Kathleen Lake. By the lake, we found a large shelter with a fireplace. Despite the ban, which did not advocate our idea, we decided to spend the night inside rather than challenging the cool temperatures of dew in Marin’s van. The night was short, but fairly sufficient. In the morning, the sun being teasing, we went for a hike to get a stunning view of the area. Halfway we experienced snow! Yes, snow! Short nap at the top -or almost at the top as far as Lucie and I are concerned- to make our shoes and socks dry and we went back down to the refuge.

On our way back to town, we stopped for another short hike that seemed pretty hopeless and endless. At the end of the path though, we found St Elias Lake, which did not impressed us as much as the others did.

Short and enjoyable weekend, in spite of a few pitfalls we had.

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