I keep exploring the surroundings.

We went back to Alaska. Not by the same path though ; this time, we drove the Klondike Highway. Anyways, landscape was mind-blowing, again. I could have enlivened the ride with a couple of oh! and ah! but it looks like my emotions got used to see such beauty lately.

Skagway is a small touristic place during the summer, and tourists arrive by huge cargo-looking ships. This town was on the pioneers’ road at the time of the Gold Rush and, somehow, you might have the impression time stopped ; most of the buildings kept their original look. Pure and fresh air is really pleasant here.

On the next week, I went to Caribou Mountain with a friend of mine, Marin. This mount is on the same road than we took the day before, not even an hour from Whitehorse. At the top, we could see Bennet lake, Emerald Lake, and Spirit Lake. So beautiful it’s indefinable. On the lookout for wildlife, we were able to glimpse mountain sheeps, that didn’t really want to cooperate. Later on, we caught sight of a lovely little chipmunk, charming rodent of the same family than squirrels. So much sweet I could have kidnapped it. Once at the top, well almost, the ground was covered with snow. After a short picnic, we hiked back down, which was no pleasure cruise for the two crippled we are ! Ear to ear grins, we rode back to town after a short stop at Carcross Desert, the smallest desert in the whole world. Who would think there was a desert in canada ?! Not me for sure… I keep going from one surprise to the other in this huge space that looks infinite because it has so much to offer. 

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