Everything’s falling apart around me. Walls crumble ; trees strip ; people leave. In a flash, I make of Hell my home. A snap, an only snap. A picture. Just a single picture. The picture of a guy with a harsh and inquisitive look. This look I know so much for dating its owner for so long. Your look. It’s not mine anymore. It’s to everyone else but me. To this new world that opened up to you since almost a week now.

Since you stepped on my territory, my Canada, I’m such in low spirits. I dreamt so much, in the past, of that moment ; I wished so hard it would be ours. Week after week, innocently, I locked up in my heart a hope, hope that took more room with the days. But the day this one got loose, you let it go. You let me go… you gave me your tears in return and looked at me leave without trying to stop me. I didn’t look back, too scared you would not be there anymore. I remember your words full of hope ; I’ll miss you, I’ll really miss you, I already miss you. And I held on to it.

As the crow flies, currently 4247 kilometers split us up. Of course, it’s less that the 7929 kilometers that teared us apart a few days ago ; and yet, I’ve never felt so far away from you. Day after day, you’re slipping through my fingers, like a trickle of gold in a handful of dust. Silence is growing. Distance is showing its strength. I became a trifle to your life, trifle that simply doesn’t get along with your present.

And as much ridiculous as it sounds, I wanted this memory to be mine. But it is hers. And withdrawn into silence, I’m crying. I’m crying over you.

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