The town was as misty as my mind is cloudy right now. We were a small group of people, not even ten. There were the french expats, all in possession of a Working Holiday Visa, and the « nannies » clan I was currently part of given that I haven’t made my working status official yet. After thinking of having a beer in a bar downtown, to meet some grown lumberjacks dressed with a check shirt, we finally decided to stay in the wild. And tonight, I jumped on my bike with a real pleasure.

After wandering around for a while, we were established by the Yukon River, ready to explore the surroundings in quest of deadwood to start our firecamp. After numerous efforts, fire was started up enough to roast marshmallows and heat up our bananas tuffed with chocolate. Yukon beers in hands, tonight, our small group is drinking to Yukon. Most of us don’t know each others at all, or maybe a tiny bit. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve known the majority of them by messages sent through the PVTistes* bible, the forum. The atmosphere is friendly, we share our past experiences, and of course, our love for this paradise. What is enjoyable is to be able to talk with everyone here, about everything and nothing.

In the middle of a nonsensical conversation, a weird noise reaches us from the thicket close by. Exchange of worried looks, some jokes around -and I’m the first to do so- and pretend it must be a bear. The noise is getting louder and all of a sudden, a tree starts a breathtakingly fast fall towards the ground. It lands in a crash. Flashlights in hands, we’re walking towards the noise, not quite reassured. And there, where the tree landed, a beaver was dealing with it. It didn’t even pay attention to us and kept dividing the tree in smaller parts. Then, it dragged all of it in the water, with the only strength of its jaw. Impressive, very impressive, the capacity of those little animals to cut down huge trees with its teeth. But even more impressive the strength it has to drag huge parts of trees for miles and miles.

Composure regained, we went back to our camp. After getting worried, let’s laught it up. I look up to the bright starry sky, measuring how lucky I am. I catch sight of a green glow. Mechanically, I smile. The idea that it could be a northern light is coming to my mind, but I do not say so, half certain I must be hallucinating. A few minutes later, I look up again at this beautiful starry night and the green glow is still there, but not quite at the same spot. This time, I say it out loud. Could it be a northern light ? Fourteen pair of eyes are now turned to the sky. My theory seems to be validated. We spent the next minutes checking the sky out, the green glow seems to get more intense. Waw. It is a northern light ! Excitation is at its height. For most of us, it is our first northern light. This one is not gonna last long, but long enough to fullfill us with joy.

To thank us for sharing this moment with her, Mother Nature gave us a great reward, if not a couple : Nestor, the beaver and a meeting with the pretty Aurora. This evening is a good lesson to me. Sometimes, insignificant moments -a simple meeting between a bunch of expats- can be the most magical moments of all. And this one will remain in my memory for a very long time.

However, back to my loneliness, I can’t do otherwise but think of you tonight. I wished so much I could have shared this magical moment with you. I would have loved to be amazed in front of this green glow with you by my side. I would have loved to fall asleep in your arms tonight, a smile on my face… And my heart yells at me one day, maybe. After all, you told me you would be coming to see her, Aurora. And somehow, I wish you wanted to tell me you would be coming to see me.

*PVT is the french name for WHV. PVTiste is the name given to those who have a WHV.

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