I just got back from a camping trip where I virtually died around fifty times. Some dies because of sorrow, I do because of delight.

I currently have a huge silly smile on my face. The kind of smile impossible to take off. Gold nuggets in the eyes, I died of tons of tiny heart attacks, my heart being so tight by emotion.

We went to Haines, Alaska. In order to, we had to take -among others- the Alaska Highway. The only fact of writing the name down makes me shiver. This road is one natural wonder of the world. I found myself discreetly pinching my lower arm during most of the journey, just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming and I was in reality, my reality.

If climbing the mounts around Whitehorse made me realize the fact that Nature is the queen in charge in this part of the world, going on a trip to Alaska made me being sure of it. To get to Haines from Whitehorse, we had to drive for 393km. During this ride, rares were the moments we met people, or even a sign of civilisation. A small town here, a border area there, and nature all around us. This green, this blue, this silence, those mountains, this calm and clear water… I’d weep with joy.

On the way back, I was a bit stressed to cross the border. My tourist visa stamped a few weeks ago in Montreal inside, I gave my passport to the custom official, with the fear he would grab my arm with it. Nevertheless, still under the frivolity bought by the landscape, I looked at him fearless. After a few questions, he gave me back my passport without even smiling once. Damn it, I was surely smiling -maybe too much?- when I got my passport back, and cheerfully went back to the car. I’m gonna be able to enjoy my tourist status for a while.

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