Claude wasn’t working today so he took me to the McIntyre Mount -at 1597 meters of altitude- situated just before the mount we went to last time in Fish Lake valley. Once more, my eyes enjoyed the landscape, landscape that would make côte d’azur beaches grow pale. The nature stretches miles and miles away without reaching an end. I asked myself at the top of the summit of the summit (warning: a summit can conceal another one), if one day, my eyes would get used to such beauty and vastness. What is for sure is that they would never possibly get tired of it. 

The vestige of fall already fades to give room to winter. Our eyes even got caught on a range of snowy mountains in the background. Fall goes by really fast in this part of the world where winter is the proud dominant.

On our way back, my eyes were called out by a little animal quickly dashing from rock to rock, getting up on his back legs from time to time to check the surroundings. Uncultivated as I am, I wasn’t able to put a name on this animal. Claude taught me it was a sort of marmot called Arctic Ground Squirrels. Fauna is definitely full of surprises for my little intrigued eyes.

This time, I got this doubful impression to drag -even if with difficulties- my lungs to half of the ascent. I personally take it as a tiny victory. At least, here is one good thing being separated from you physically bought me… Sometimes, I try to put things into perspective and to have a positive look on our separation. It’s far to be easy though. Your tears mixed up with mine are still a memory too recent for me. And your words, the last ones you offered me before I resigned myself to leave your cherring arms…

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