Early this morning, thanks to some good advices, I got on my two-wheeler friend and rushed towards the banks of the Yukon River, at a time when human beings have still a hard time to wake up. This is probably the first time I got a smile on my face this early, outside of my bed. It takes about fifteen minutes from my place to my spying spot.
It has been a few days I’m moving about, in vain, to this same spot in hope to spy on my friends the beavers. I usually come during the day, because of a need of sun, as if to remind me my last days in France. This time, I changed my tune, well aware that it wasn’t the right one. It seems like beavers mainly live during the night, probably not to be disturbed by human species. I break the rules of nature and station myself in my usual spot, a few steps away from a beavers’ house I spotted a couple of days ago. Those beavers must be from the well-off, their house being situated just in front of the SS Klondike, on the other bank.
I left my bike on the path, a bit farther away, not to make any noise. After a while, I finally get to see a little ball of brown fur popping out of the water. At that moment, I could have yell my excitation to the rest of the world, which would have waken up the whole town in a start, but I decided to keep my euphoria for later on, just not to scare this cute little animal. At that time, I think I was unnoticed. I spent the next minutes observing this beaver at work. He takes branches from the shore and put them, with the only strength of his jaw, on top of the others already piled up in the water. Then, he came near me and finally saw me. After a few looks between the two of us, he went to the pile of wood and disappeared under the dark water.
At that exact moment, I think I scared the animal out. Appearance sheepish, I decide to wait a bit anyways. And to my great astonishment, I see my cute little friend coming back. And he is not by himself, he came up with one of his friends, way smaller than himself. I like to think it’s his son.
With a big smile, I grab my bagback and take my camera out of it. Timidly, I’m taking pictures of my friends, taking a break in between each shot, just to make sure Daddy Beaver gives me his approbation. More than once, he stares at me. It looks like he understands that I do not want to harm him or his family. And I am really greatful for that.
The sun slowly goes up, and the reflection of it in the river makes the sight splendid. My wish to immortalize this event satisfied, I carefully put away my camera. Then, I sit down, as close as the embarrassment allows me to, and spend the next hour to educate myself. Before going back to their house, Daddy Beaver glances at me furtively, and I give him my best smile in return. After what he disappears one more time under the water and the river is totally composed again.
What a great way to start the day !

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