Breath taken, once more. Because of tiredness due to the climb of one the mounts of Fish Lake valley -situated at 1400 meters of altitude- but more because of the beauty of this landscape in front of me. Last day of august and Fall is already on his way up here. A range of shimmering colors treating my pupils very well. A little chipmunk went to hide behind a rock, before timidly showing up again, as if to make sure that the giant that I am is long gone. I got the feeling I’m in the most beautiful place in the whole world; and more important, I got the feeling to deserve it. There are only few things I, one day, reckoned to deserve, probably because of a lack of self-esteem. But those precious moments that I’ve been collecting days after days here, I’m aware that they belong to me rightfully.

However, the pain occasioned by your absence isn’t at ease. When the sun is down, this bed feels way too big without you, and those sheets way too cold without your presence to warm them up. I so wish I could share this adventure with you, face this new world my fingers interlaced with yours. A part of me is still in France, by your side. And sometimes, I find myself talking to you in silence at the top of the mounts I’m climbing. Then a silly smile comes up to my face, aware of the absurdity of the situation, and I chase away your memory, this ghost permanently following me.

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