I’m lucky to have behing “my” house tons of paths and three little lakes. Every day, I’m wandering around, on an unknown path, to discover my new surroundings. Sometimes I get lost in the meanderings of a forest during twilight, and my mind transforms a single swishing into a big black bear getting ready to eat me up for diner; as a result, I whistle in rhythm to my footsteps, to scare the enraged beast away -and get rid of my stress. Other times, I walk along the lakes, dazzled by the sun, on the look-out for the least movement of the water, in hope to see a beaver. 

There is that pretty bench made of solid wood, on a little summit, that overlooks two bodies of water. I like to linger there, to soak up the atmosphere of the place, to breath freely and to smile until I lose my mind. Often, I run down the hill, my laugh on my heels, and end up my crazy run twirling around towards the woods. Then I sing my joie de vivre to the forest’s animals in hope they would join me for some fun, like in Walt Disney’s tales.

Today, I climbed up a hill way higher than the ones I climbed until then. When I reached the top, I greeted my lungs that decided to remain at the bottom. Two weeks to the day without a single cigarette. I think they smiled at me, showing off their very best wink. Taking this path brought me to discover my neighbourhood from on high. This path, situated on one of the slopes of the hill, overlooks Riverdale, my current neighbourhood. I wasn’t that high, and yet, everything seemed so tiny from there. Once more, I had this feeling to be invincible. On my way back, I took the path that goes along the back of the houses, until this small wooden gate so familiar now. The noise that it did when I opened it made me smile. Benji, my friend the squirrel, welcomed me with his little piercing call. With a compelling want, I laid down in the grass, just under the tree where my little friend was, to have a better look at this chance companion. On my back, I closed my eyes for a few minutes and enjoyed nature sounds, smell, strength. The few minutes turned into an hour and the alarm clock on my phone ringed out: duty calls !

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