You know you’re in Whitehorse when:
- you meet more bears than hikers when hiking, or at least you are more aware of the presence of bears than of hikers with some evidence, such as footprints or droppings;
- you can drive for miles without seeing a single human being;
- you know how to use a bear spray and you’re avoiding to walk deep in the forest without one;
- you are able to distinguish a black bear from a grizzly because you’ve seen both during your first hike and you rushed to the flyers that you got at the tourist office, just in case you had to cross the paths of bears more closely;
- you know the existence of AFY, the French Association of Yukon;
- you swing between French and English as some juggle with oranges;
- you wear a helmet when you ride your bike;
- you eat seeds, all kind of seeds;
- the squirrel that took up residence on your patio is stealing your seeds;
- you make friends with the animals and the squirrel that has taken up residence on your patio is also very close to become your best friend.

This non-exhaustive list is my moral support. All these little things of everyday life that remind me why I chose to come to Whitehorse rather than listen to my irresponsible heart that would have sent me straight to Montreal. This link I’m building between nature and myself after just a few days here is precious, very precious. Finding yourself at the top of a mountain and feeling tiny in comparison to what’s in front of you. Walking on trails, smiling, with respect for the animals. Discovering a world that was unknown to me until then …

Nature, my hero, my energizer, my super power.

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