Claude and I went to the top of Grey Mountain, the nearest surrounding mountains, at 1500 meters of altitude. My lungs reprimanded me after the first meters, my legs added their complaints a little further on the path. This is totally out of breath and knees like jelly that I arrived at the top. You know, hands on knees, cheeks turning pink, and lungs on the ground. It is at this exact moment that I promised myself to find the strength -during the next 12 months- to stop smoking … Rising my head up to take a look at the view that was presenting itself to me, I could have collapsed! Not because I was tired but because I was in admiration. Wow! In front of me was exactly what I was looking for: the immensity of nature. And with it, its strength, its power, its energy. This feeling of freedom and happiness that overwhelms you in front of such a sight. For the first time in my short life, I had the sensation that the world belonged to me!

Yes, there were moments of weakness where the tears rolled down my cheeks. Yes, there were these moments of infinite sadness where I miss my close past horribly, where I miss you. But I do not regret my choice. This knotted stomach, this dry mouth, these gaping eyes … everything was irrefutable proof of a good decision. That day, after a little over a week here, the Yukon officially came into my heart. Once more, I’m falling in love.

Yukon, my long-awaited lover.

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